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In “Trust” twentieth century. Seventies. capital of Italy. Everything we see on the screen is directly related to this setting, the specified time. It is in this format will be all the events of the film. Jean Paul Getty has accumulated a huge fortune. He is happy with his own fate, does not complain about life. In the family plan, this man is also all right. But here is something that completely destroys all the ideas of the billionaire about a quiet and peaceful life. His grandson is in the hands of the kidnappers. Attackers prefer to get a reward for the release of the prisoner, if the conditions will grandfather.
The bandits are sure that the billionaire will take all dictated requirements, will do everything that depends on him to release his beloved granddaughter. But the oil tycoon has a different idea of what should be done in such a situation. To the surprise of the criminals, the Getty is in no hurry with the ransom, as he wants to get back a relative, without spending a single penny. That directs the Jean? Wisdom? Or over the mind of man dominated by the immeasurable avarice and greed? The unrecorded answers to this question still force the kidnappers to build new strategies.
On behalf of the Getty Roman police does not take any steps. Measures to find kidnappers are also not applied in this strange situation. Law enforcement seems that the bandits are too demanding in this matter, naively believing that the billionaire is ready to just part with a huge amount of accumulated funds for the sake of meeting with his grandson. Joke is considered to be what is happening now in fact. Bandits are beginning considered not criminals, and survivors from mind persons.
And Jean Paul himself is not up to this kidnapping and thoughts about it. He is one of the richest people in European society, for this reason, in the sphere of his vital interests include entertainment. The hero of this story is busy that spends time with mistresses, absolutely not taking as something serious news about the kidnapping of his grandson. Jean’s son is addicted to drugs. This person cannot give an adequate assessment of the situation. All the proposals coming from the bandits he perceives as a kind of draw.
The only figure in this story, which somehow tries to understand the essence of the issue and participate in it, is the mother of the kidnapped guy. She does not have rich financial resources, but is ready to do anything to save her son.

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