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The series “Trial & Error” season 2 tells the story of the trial, and the preceding crime, stirred up a small quiet suburb.

Larry Henderson is a rather eccentric man, often looking lost. He is accused of the brutal murder of his wife, although the man denies guilt. The adult daughter fully supports the father, and here the others stay in doubts.

Relatives pay for a lawyer, but the experienced specialist sends an assistant to Josh Sagal, who had not worked with such large cases before. He has a rather strange team, assembled from local: a Secretary with a bunch of disorders and syndromes, as well as an active guy, kind, but stupid.

During the investigation, it turns out that Larry was cheating on his wife with a man-coach. The family goes to the prosecution, and now Sagal for himself, although he refuses to throw the client. The first wife of Hendersen died the same way as the second. That’s another problem that keeps us from getting jury leniency Josh won’t give up and he keeps digging.

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