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Scenario of supernatural drama TV series The Counterpart season 1 tells the story of Howard Sylk. The man of advanced age, in some depressed state of mind and old age often think about the meaning of life. it is quite normal, because it is time to take stock. Howard is disappointed, because he did nothing worthy of attention and recognition in his life. He works as usual official workers in one of the UNO agencies. He has no outstanding results for the long career. Weekdays go in the everyday, bureaucratic routine. Until one day he finds out that his agency hides a secret from the society. After that, all around the hero is set in motion and everything changes. It turns out that there is a parallel reality and there live our counterparts. There are no disasters and calamities. In this alternate reality, Howard finds his counterpart named Prime and learns many interesting things. He will pass through a lot of trials, until he gets to the truth in matters of self-identity of the person and human right to personal choice. He will use idealism as a learning criterion. The heroes of the drama TV show The Counterpart season 1 will follow Howard and Prime to find answers on many questions.

the counterpart season 1 download full tv show episodes

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