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“There are many theories about parallel universes. In the TV series “”Charlie jade”” is a story about three of them, which are separated by a time interval of half an hour. In the gamma universe, people live harmoniously, taking care of nature. For the alpha world is the complete opposite. Here, all run by transnational corporations that are constantly clogging everything around. Our world is between them and is called beta. In it the visible features of two other universes the dark and harmonious. There is only one common feature for all three worlds. In each of them there is a mysterious company “”Vexcor””. What it does almost no one knows.
Scientists want to open the passage-wormhole from alpha to gamma. During one of the experiments there was an explosion. Detective Charlie jade has moved from alpha beta in Cape town. At the same time here also from the scales of the universe gets the girl, Rina. The explosion destroys the connection of the three worlds. Now Charlie and his new friend want to understand what’s going on. They met with the scientist Karl lubinsky, who can explain a lot. You need to find a founder “”Vexcor”” mysterious Elliot, Kragga.”