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Original Title:

Son of Zorn


Animation, Comedy






Reed Agnew, Eli Jorne


Eric Appel


Jason Sudeikis, Johnny Pemberton, Cheryl Hines, Tim Meadows

Release Date:






Why do people often prefer to live in imaginary worlds? Maybe, it is in order not to collide with boredom or with the problems of the real world. The comedy Son of Zorn season 1 is raising patient for a modern society theme of escape from reality where animated characters are presented along with the real ones. Zorn is a great warrior in a distant mystical universe that is fighting for good and forcing evil to tremble before him on all fours and crawl to the side. For the first time in 10 years, he arrives on a kind of vacation to the Earth, where there are his son of Alan and ex-wife Eddie. While immersing in the banal regularity of country life and immediately starting suffering from stultifying work in the office, Zorn becomes clearly aware of how much simpler and easier it has been for him during the fighting.

Son of Zorn season 1 download full tv show episodes

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

720p-HDTV: (.mkv, 564.7 MB) |

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Episode 10

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Episode 11

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Episode 12

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Episode 13

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Other seasons of the show

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How many episodes?

  • Episode1 (S01E01):

    Return to Orange County

    air date: 2016-09-11

  • Episode2 (S01E02):

    Defender of Teen Love

    air date: 2016-09-25

  • Episode3 (S01E03):

    War in the Workplace

    air date: 2016-10-02

  • Episode4 (S01E04):

    The Weekend Warrior

    air date: 2016-10-16

  • Episode5 (S01E05):

    A Taste of Zephyria

    air date: 2016-10-23

  • Episode6 (S01E06):

    A Tale of Two Zorns

    air date: 2016-11-06

  • Episode7 (S01E07):

    The Battle of Thanksgiving

    air date: 2016-11-13

  • Episode8 (S01E08):

    Return of the Drinking Buddy

    air date: 2016-12-04

  • Episode9 (S01E09):

    The War On Grafelnik

    air date: 2016-12-11

  • Episode10 (S01E010):

    Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend

    air date: 2017-01-08

  • Episode11 (S01E011):

    The Battle of Self-Acceptance

    air date: 2017-01-22

  • Episode12 (S01E012):

    The Quest for Craig

    air date: 2017-02-12

  • Episode13 (S01E013):

    All Hail Son of Zorn

    air date: 2017-02-19

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