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7.7/ 10

118,738 votes

Original Title:

Pretty Little Liars


Drama, Mystery


31 wins & 31 nominations.


ABC Family


, Oliver Goldstick




Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ian Harding, Laura Leighton, Janel Parrish, Keegan Allen

Release Date:






Three seasons later, the main characters did not recognize the identity of the anonymous terrorizing them. Female follows the risk, and now threatened even the life of their close relatives. Toby suffers from the villain’s games and this affects his relationship with Spencer. Aria from a sense of insecurity begins to attend a self-defense class, which leads to the beginning of the relationship with the coach of her team. Emily thinks about life after school, and Hannah is willing to do anything to protect her mother, who is not the first time in danger and keeps a lot of secrets. What is remarkable, all events are closely intertwined. The heroine of the film series pretty little liars is already ready for whatever was in store for them a , but what they discover in the night in the trunk of a car, shocking them. Besides, Mrs. Dilaurentis gets on everyone’s nerves. Friend is still hoping to start a quiet life without a mysterious stranger and forget all that took place with them lately.

Pretty Little Liars season 4 download full tv show episodes

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Episode 17

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Other seasons of the show

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How many episodes?

  • Episode1 (S04E01):

    A is for A-L-I-V-E

    air date: 2013-06-11

  • Episode2 (S04E02):

    Turn of the Shoe

    air date: 2013-06-18

  • Episode3 (S04E03):

    Cat's Cradle

    air date: 2013-06-25

  • Episode4 (S04E04):

    Face Time

    air date: 2013-07-02

  • Episode5 (S04E05):

    Gamma Zeta Die!

    air date: 2013-07-09

  • Episode6 (S04E06):

    Under the Gun

    air date: 2013-07-16

  • Episode7 (S04E07):

    Crash and Burn, Girl!

    air date: 2013-07-23

  • Episode8 (S04E08):

    The Guilty Girl's Handbook

    air date: 2013-07-30

  • Episode9 (S04E09):

    Into the Deep

    air date: 2013-08-06

  • Episode10 (S04E010):

    The Mirror Has Three Faces

    air date: 2013-08-13

  • Episode11 (S04E011):

    Bring Down the Hoe

    air date: 2013-08-20

  • Episode12 (S04E012):

    Now You See Me, Now You Don't

    air date: 2013-08-27

  • Episode13 (S04E013):

    Grave New World

    air date: 2013-10-22

  • Episode14 (S04E014):

    Who's in the Box?

    air date: 2014-01-07

  • Episode15 (S04E015):

    Love ShAck, Baby

    air date: 2014-01-14

  • Episode16 (S04E016):

    Close Encounters

    air date: 2014-01-21

  • Episode17 (S04E017):

    Bite Your Tongue

    air date: 2014-01-28

  • Episode18 (S04E018):

    Hot for Teacher

    air date: 2014-02-04

  • Episode19 (S04E019):

    Shadow Play

    air date: 2014-02-11

  • Episode20 (S04E020):

    Free Fall

    air date: 2014-02-18

  • Episode21 (S04E021):

    She's Come Undone

    air date: 2014-02-25

  • Episode22 (S04E022):

    Cover For Me

    air date: 2014-03-04

  • Episode23 (S04E023):


    air date: 2014-03-11

  • Episode24 (S04E024):

    A is for Answers

    air date: 2014-03-18

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