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Jill Kargman, K.K. Glick, Abby Elliott, Andy Buckley, Joanna Cassidy, Sean Kleier

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Over the past century, society has changed beyond recognition, men have become more infantile and often ceased to play a dominant role, both at work and in personal relationships. Women on the contrary, inspired by the ideas of feminism, made an incredible leap forward, gaining new rights and achieving complete equality. Realizing that their mission in this world is not only to be moms and housewives, they dream of fame, engage in business and politics. This is probably wrong from the point of view of nature, but the progress and development of civilization can not be stopped. In the center of the sitcom sitcom story, a fashionable writer desperately trying to take her place in a secular get-together. Her attempts to be modern and follow the latest trends and trends, lead to the fact that her maternal instinct is receding into the background. From a caring and affectionate mother, she turns into a monster preoccupied with popularity and fame. And although this series is positioned as an easy comedy, at times it raises sore, burning and very urgent problems. How to find the perfect balance between motherhood and career, how to keep a family and raise children with dignity? Perhaps the main character Jill Weber, sooner or later learns the answers to these questions.
At the heart of the plot of the comedy series Odd Mom Out season 3 is the novel of the famous writer Gil Kargman. This story is about a woman who was keen on writing books and wants to conquer a higher society. Of course, for this it is necessary not only to write beautifully, but also to be popular. In addition to this hobby, she has a full-fledged family, children who need to be looked after and other domestic concerns. In an attempt to win fame, she slowly turns into a “monster mom.” In fact, the main character is the famous writer Gil, she decided to write an image based on her own creative path. All the obstacles that met on the way, the heroine described in the series. How the story will evolve and what the audience will laugh at will be recognized in time for the series.

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  • Episode1 (S03E01):

    Frisky Business

    air date: 2017-07-12

  • Episode2 (S03E02):

    Candle in the Windbag

    air date: 2017-07-19

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