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At each stage of life there are pros and cons. As a child, everyone expects carelessness and continuous fun, but the lack of opportunity to make independent choices. In his youth before you great opportunities and a variety of plans, but it puts pressure on their implementation. The period of adulthood is reddened by the birth of children, but at the same time obliges us to bear a huge responsibility on our shoulders. And when grandchildren appear, life seems to acquire a completely different meaning. In the center of the attention this receives more superficial treatment family couple Mike and Martina’s. At the time heroes was young and impetuous.They made love, drank as much as they could, and even more. However with the emergence of children had to move away from on the second plan play their customary life. Twenty years, the heroes have performed their parental duties, but when the kids grew up, decided to go back to previous activities and fun! Only here to enjoy the returned youth in any way it isn’t possible, unexpectedly both adult daughters decide to return home. Mike picks himself up and decides to help his daughters in his personal life. However, among the daughters is not over! On a visit to the couple came again and Mike’s mom and dad, who have decided to see their relatives.