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Original Title:

Mako: Island of Secrets


Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy




Network Ten




Allie Bertram, Isabel Durant, Chai Hansen, Linda Ngo, Gemma Forsyth

Release Date:





30-24 min

This amazing story happened on the coast of Australia, near the island of Mako. Once a young teenager named Zak sailed to the island, to rest from the city and learn more about this area. The guy could not imagine that as soon as his foot stepped on the ground, water began to be followed by mermaids. They not only live there, but also protect the power of this place from strangers. This time to save the secret of Mako girls could not. Just at midnight, Zak descended into the cave and at the same time, when the moon shone into the crater of the cave, he jumped into the water. This action gave him amazing powers and abilities to manage the water element, as well as a tail instead of legs. Mermaids go to the city in search of Zach, if they do not take away his strength, the secret of Mako will be revealed and they will no longer be mermaids as one will see in the TV series Mako Mermaids season 3.

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Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Episode 9

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Episode 10

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Episode 11

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Episode 13

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Episode 14

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Episode 15

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Episode 16

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