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In the series “Lucifer” season 4 a heavy burden to be the son of God, even harder not to justify the hopes of his father. Cast down to hell the angel did not wait for the forever forgiveness, and went from hyena fire in another world to the people to see and be seen. Gorgeous, tall brunette with expressive eyes black eyes this is the way of Lucifer Morningstar. He is the owner of a prestigious night club with a simple name “Luxury” in downtown Los Angeles, and a consultant in homicide, where work is very attractive detective Chloe Decker. Family problems do not leave Lucifer even in the world of people first, after him there appeared a brother Linedial, which the father has put to watch over the pit instead. Then there was another brother Uriel with a dagger Azrael and finally arrived mother, the angry goddess and moved into the shell lawyer Charlotte Richardson. Participating in police investigations of homicide Lucifer met with detective Decker and Chloe’s heart went out to her in deepest sympathy. Teamwork pull together such different styles of life and opened a pleasant prospect for the near future, but accidentally Lucifer finds out that close to Chloe he becomes vulnerable. The unexplained mystery becomes clear after revelations of Amenaties, who says that their father once sent him to earth to help happy but childless couple to have a child. Was born a girl and named her Chloe. In his meeting with Chloe Dekker, Lucifer saw another God’s plan and defying the far-sighted parent have gone to Las Vegas and scored his sham marriage with a stripper, which, however, lasted not long. Meanwhile, Charlotte was having problems with her divine light and as a loving son Lucifer had to send his mother back to Paradise, but it was necessary to use the dagger of death Azrael, who can cut through any matter. Collecting scattered pieces of the dagger brothers the angels were able to find out who deposited the father gave the key of the dagger, so who among them was the beloved son of God. Aminodiol won this round, and Lucifer sighed quietly seeing the disappearance of her mother, to begin to worry about their own life. Feeling guilty for the damage to the health and career of your psychologist Linda Martin, Lucifer visits the girl in the clinic and offers his help. And going outside calls Chloe to arrange a meeting, where he promised to tell all about the strangeness of his family, and his, too, but gets something sturdy on the head and off for some time. Lucifer woke up under the hot, blazing sun somewhere in the desert, beaten and half-naked he spreads behind a huge, white, angelic wings.

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