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Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Global TV


Paul Donovan


Paul Donovan


Brian Downey, Jeffrey Hirschfield, Tom Gallant, Patricia Zentilli, Nigel Bennett, Louise Wischermann, Ryan Cooley, Ryan Cooley

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When Stanley Tweedle, a fourth-level security guard on the planet Cluster and an informant of his divine Shadow, accidentally received the key to the most powerful weapon in the Universe of Light, he could not imagine what would happen to his decision to appropriate a starship. Made in the form of a dragonfly, intelligent intergalactic ship Lexx was created to serve the divine Shadow, but it was waiting for a different fate. After Stanley became captain, Lexx’s life changed completely. And for good reason: Tweedle did not crave to destroy unwanted planets, all he wanted was a quiet life, free from the power of the Shadow. Other crew members dreamed of the same: love slave Zev, and now – her restored copy Xev, the head of the robot 790 and the dead Kai, the last two thousand years served as the divine Shadow Killer. Together, they traveled from planet to planet, fought powerful enemies, lost friends and found new allies. Completely destroying the Universe of Light, the heroes moved to the Universe of Darkness, where they waited for new adventures: the war between the planets of Fire and Water, the confrontation with the Prince, a new meeting with Lajekka – girl-plant, who died some time ago – and much more. in season 4, back to life after spending time in hell, Stanley is ready for new challenges. Just in time: earthlings have spotted the Lexx in orbit of the moon and are ready to do anything to find out what this alien object wants. Under the influence of the treacherous Prince, who became an assistant to the President of the United States, to Lex sent a mad killer on a space Shuttle.

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Other seasons of the show

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How many episodes?

  • Episode 1 (S04E01)

    Little Blue Planet

    air date: 2001-07-13

  • Episode 2 (S04E02)

    Texx Lexx

    air date: 2001-07-20

  • Episode 3 (S04E03)


    air date: 2001-07-27

  • Episode 4 (S04E04)

    Stan Down

    air date: 2001-08-03

  • Episode 5 (S04E05)


    air date: 2001-08-10

  • Episode 6 (S04E06)

    The Rock

    air date: 2001-08-17

  • Episode 7 (S04E07)

    Walpurgis Night

    air date: 2001-08-24

  • Episode 8 (S04E08)


    air date: 2001-09-07

  • Episode 9 (S04E10)

    Magic Baby

    air date: 2001-09-28

  • Episode 10 (S04E11)

    A Midsummer's Nightmare

    air date: 2002-01-25

  • Episode 11 (S04E12)

    Bad Carrot

    air date: 2002-02-01

  • Episode 12 (S04E13)


    air date: 2001-11-07

  • Episode 13 (S04E14)

    Prime Ridge

    air date: 2002-02-15

  • Episode 14 (S04E15)


    air date: 2002-02-22

  • Episode 15 (S04E16)


    air date: 2002-03-01

  • Episode 16 (S04E17)

    Dutch Treat

    air date: 2002-03-08

  • Episode 17 (S04E18)

    The Game

    air date: 2002-03-15

  • Episode 18 (S04E19)

    Haley's Comet

    air date: 2002-03-22

  • Episode 19 (S04E20)

    ApocaLexx Now

    air date: 2002-03-29

  • Episode 20 (S04E21)

    Viva Lexx Vegas

    air date: 2002-04-05

  • Episode 21 (S04E22)


    air date: 2002-04-12

  • Episode 22 (S04E23)

    Lyekka Vs. Japan

    air date: 2002-04-19

  • Episode 23 (S04E24)

    Yo Way Yo

    air date: 2002-04-26

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