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“Jack Ryan” season 1 is removed on motives of a series of books by American author Tom Clancy, who became famous work in the genre of the technological Thriller, developing in their stories the theme of alternative history. Mainly specialized in the topic of the cold war and the events that followed this era.
A series of books, the protagonist of which is the analyst of the Central intelligence Agency of the United States of America Jack Ryan is the Central and most famous among the works of the author and called “the World of Jack Ryan”.
A little about the literary prototype of the hero of the series:
What I have to do the main character in literary sources! In the first novel called “the Hunt for Red October” it solves LAN Russian defector and helps him along with a nuclear submarine to be in the United States. In the second novel, “patriot Games” saves seven. Heir to the British throne with his entire family from Irish terrorists In “cardinal of the Kremlin” helps Russian razoblachit traitor treacherous Colonel, and reflect Mujahideen, who decided to seize Russian base with laser weapons. Then he becomes the head of the CIA in “Prami and explicit threat”, in the next novel “All fears of the world” will save Israel and prevent a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Further, the “Debt of honor” the career of the hero is rising and he becomes presidential adviser on national security and save the USSR from the Chinese seized Siberia. Further more in the book “the Word of the President”, the attack-pilot-suicide at a government building and destroying the entire elite of the United States, Ryan becomes President of the country. During his presidency the two superpowers closer together. Next comes the Roman flash-back of how he helped another officer from the KGB to slip away to the West, and also to prevent the murder Russian Pope (“Red rabbit”). In the next book already has a son Ryan, Jr. (“tiger Teeth”). Senior Ryan appears again in the book “In a bundle”, where he’s already in Statham mode, puts forward his candidacy for President. In the next novel “threat Vector”, Ryan Sr. was the President of the United States. And he faces the crafty Chinese who are cyber war against America, and ultimately started a real war for the whole of the waters of the South China sea. In the last novel, called Command Authority, which is possible on Russian to translate in three ways “the Last resort”, “the Right to the final decision” or “Supreme Commander” it will be about the confrontation between Ryan Sr. and Valery Volodin is a young President of a new Russia that is going to restore the Soviet Union, and this is preparing a war with the Baltic countries and Ukraine, which took the Crimea. But Ryan, Jr., successfully combating these manifestations of aggression blackmail against Volodin, the result of which he ceases to invasion of Ukraine and Crimea returns to her.

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