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Drama, Fantasy, Thriller



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43-60 min

“Gotham” season 5, which is created on motives of several episodes of the famous comic book universe of DC. This universe was invented by Bob Kane, who created the famous franchise of Batman. Premiere of the first season took place in late September 2014, on Fox. Initially, the series talked about how the investigator, Gordon was in the police famous of Gotham, but then, of course, there was young Bruce Wayne, and what role in his life played Gordon, and began to unfold the history of the eternal enemies Batman villains such as the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, poison Ivy and others. Permanent characters of the series:James Gordon is the police Commissioner of Gotham city. Very honest and incorruptible. Mercilessly fought crime in Chicago, however, he was transferred to Gotham from a sin far away, where he arrived with his pregnant wife. In the process of investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s moving closer to their son Bruce. He educates young Wayne so that he becomes the Dark Knight that protects Gotham from the criminals.Harvey bullock’s partner James Gordon. Likes to drink, but is in great shape. He is a solid rule not to drink before noon. Batman, aka the Man bat, aka Bruce Wayne, billionaire and philanthropist. When I was a teenager, his eyes had killed his parents. Under the influence of Gordon developed his alter ego, turning it into a Batman defender of Gotham city from various villains.
The penguin, aka Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot was a supervillain. Being the heir to a fabulously rich family, but he was thrown out of high society because of his extreme ugliness, was the fact that he was engaged in criminal matters. Loves birds. A known thief and a gangster. Barbara Gordon is the adopted daughter of Gordon, who was adopted by him after the death in a car accident of her parents. Fan of Batman, which made even the same suit.
Alfred Pennyworth, the Butler of Bruce Wayne and confidant to Batman, who replaced the boy’s parents, after they died. Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle superbaddies at first, but then corrected himself. The daughter of a mad lover of cats and an alcoholic who didn’t care anything about her or her sister Maggie. Selina grew up in an orphanage, which came after the death of his father. Became a master thief, thanks to the confrontation with his cruel headmistress who constantly ridicule.
The Riddler, aka E. Nigma, aka Eddie Nashton a supervillain. Very smart. Wears green tights with questions and commit puzzling crimes. Leslie Tompkins, a woman of Mature age and unknown fate. Friends with his father Bruce. Works in a clinic for the poor. Along with a Pennyworth cares about Bruce after the death of her parents.
Solomon Grundy is a zombie supervillain. Got its name from a children’s counting. Lucius Fox is a very capable person in computer technology. Helps Bruce Wayne.
Tabitha Galavan home of his brother’s murderer supervillain Theo Galavan. She can throw the victim in the way of the tigress, without direct team Theo because it is able to read his thoughts. Owns all kinds of weapons, but with bare hands can kill anyone. Masterful attempts and other characters.

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