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Michael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks, Anthony Howell

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In the early 1940s, the lives of most countries changed dramatically in the negative direction, and the reason for this-the Second world war. Almost all States were directly or indirectly involved in the fight against the enemy, but even those who remained on the sidelines experienced all the hardships and tribulations of wartime. England was somewhere in the middle, as it was not the main party in this battle, however, many volunteers went to the front, and the rest of the residents watched as their country is filled with an endless stream of migrants and immigrants. In all this turmoil sometimes it was difficult to make out criminals, marauders, fascists and even maniacs. War reveals the worst qualities in people and serves as a catalyst for the realization of their base desires. It was during this period that England needed not only powerful weapons and means of protection, but also brave police officers who are ready to perform their duty every day. One such police was Christopher Foyle is an experienced detective and ex-military. The man tried to get to the front, but gradually I realized that I had to stay in his native Sussex to defend your city. in the new season of the TV series Foyle’s War a shrewd man will continue his difficult but interesting work in the postwar period. New cities, intricate puzzles, shocking with their cruelty crimes and villains, leaving no trace, throw another challenge to Christopher Foyle. He won’t be able to sleep, knowing that somewhere on freedom the criminal walks, and will make everything for his capture even if it is necessary to risk the life.

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  • Episode 1 (S05E01)

    Bleak Midwinter

    air date: 2007-02-11

  • Episode 2 (S05E02)

    Casualties of War

    air date: 2007-04-15

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