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“The series “”Enlisted”” tells about the everyday life of American soldiers. But this story is not about those brave guys who serve in hot spots, but about their fellow rear, little adapted to the real combat conditions.
Three brothers hill was destined to go into the army. But the attitude of service. Senior, pitt, seconded to Afghanistan, he runs operations there to take over rebel camps and often puts the service above the family. Two other brothers serve in very in Florida. Derrick does not recognize the authority, he spat on the chain of command, his life is on the thumb. And Randy, he likes to be a soldier, he’s well-prepared physically, but the nerves and excessive effort made him a man-a disaster.
Family reunification occurs when Pitta is stripped of patches for hitting a Colonel in the face. It is transferred to the base, where they give their debt to the Motherland younger brothers. Senior hill appointed commander of their platoon, which collected the most inappropriate for the service personnel. Pitt will join the team and direct the energy entrusted to him fighters in the right directio”