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Almost all people are chasing popularity. There is nothing surprising in the desire to be the center of attention. So thinks the main character of the series Popular and in love , which by coincidence managed to become famous. More recently, Paige Townsen was an ordinary College student, but for the short time she has managed to become a celebrity. Participation in the filming of the expected film at the Hollywood Studio turned her from an ordinary girl into the owner of a huge number of fans. However, the coin has a downside, so fame brings a lot of problems. Relations with classmates at the popular diva do not go well: envious whisper behind her back, and the guys are afraid to get acquainted with a young movie star. The girl herself wants to meet a serious young man and start a strong romantic relationship with him. Of course, there are a couple of candidates worthy of her attention, but the popular beauty can not decide whose courtship should be accepted, and who should be rejected. Will she be able to cope with the heavy burden that seems to others almost a divine blessing? And won’t Paige decide to give up her fame in favor of a normal life?

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Episode 4

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Episode 9

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Episode 10

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