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“The series “”Bad Teacher”” tells us the story of a teacher. Quite a young woman, teaches at school. But about pupils and their education she did not think, she is a constant guest at parties and parties. She wants to enlarge the Breasts, and dump with the school. The team is not very fond of.
At the end of the school year, Elizabeth somehow makes ends meet and leaves. She was hoping to marry her rich boyfriend. But the mother of this guy dissuades his son from such an idea and the young couple parted. During the summer holidays, the main character ran out of money. And she had nothing left to do but to return to their “”favorite”” work to school.
There she meets a new teacher, whose parents are very wealthy people. Elizabeth decides to do whatever it takes to win the love of a new teacher.
After a while, the school held a competition among teachers. Whose class will pass the best testing (of course, it’s all thanks to the skills that they are given by their own teachers), will receive a tidy sum.
Elizabeth the money as the time needed for surgery for breast enlargement.
She seduces some sort of official, and steals the answers to the tests.
Then it unfolds the whole story of the TV series….”