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“It is not a simple profession of a doctor in an ordinary hospital, because there are different people with their problems and difficulties. In this series referred to the military hospital, the hospital that is located in Afghanistan.

Here come people with a different nature of damage, it’s wounds, bruises, injuries. In addition to physical damage, they also have emotional shocks. Mental illness is much more difficult to treat. In the series “”Military hospital”” the main characters of the film are taken for the most difficult problems and solve them. Getting to the hospital, doctors just do their job, but no one knows what is happening inside them. Some doctors, coming to work, try not to think about the difficulties that they have in their personal life. They try not to think about themselves and focus on patients who have a difficult situation.

The viewer will be able to feel everything that is happening on himself. Because the scenario is realistic, and the events in the series cannot fail to cause emotions and feelings.”